46. Bill Sutherland – Nutsack Foods

Bill Sutherland, AKA NUTBOSS is as nutty as they come… (in the best way). After being let go from his tech job, Bill decided to pursue a more non-traditional career with Nutsacks. He sells fresh roasted, flavored nuts in a sack online, at farmers markets, and shops around the valley.  Variations include cashews, almonds, pistachios, pecans, mixed nuts and 2 seasoned nuts – a metro mix and a spicy takeaway. The Shop on the Hill recently opened which is his first Nutsack location. They house many goodies from local farmers markets so be sure to check it out! Link is below. 

The nuts were just too much fun and Bill never went back to tech full time. His entrepreneurial spirit was summoned and he thrived in the Nut Business. Nutsack Foods is a favorite across the board and everyone who’s tasted Bill’s nuts is grateful for his bold strategy. After all, “You’ll never forget your first Nutsack.” 

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