Garage Beer Brewing, Twister Screenplay & Growing in a Niche Market w/ Megan Greenwood | Episode 80 #theSKYLERIRVINEshow

Megan Greenwood | Greenwood Brewing
Episode 80

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Megan Greenwood, Owner/Founder Greenwood Brewing
Hometown: Peosta, IA

Which Beer of Yours Are you Most Excited About? We are promoting Herstory Brew which is our flagship beer that is launching around Arizona. Herstory is the name of the beer, but we take it very literally – we feature women on our website and social platforms and share “Herstory” and her inspiration to other people

What was your first job? Washing dishes at my local country club and cashier at Greenwood Grocery – my family’s small business in Farley, Iowa. I only worked at Greenwood’s twice a week, and I wanted more spending money, so I became a dishwasher at the country club that was down the street from my family’s house.

My family owned Greenwood’s, I come from a line of butchers & grocery store owners. My great-grandfather (small town Iowa) owned the general store, where they had deed, seed, grocery, clothes, shoes, hardware, game, anything you can think of, and was the mayor, postmaster, mortician, and basically anything else you can think of!

Favorite AZ restaurant: Hillside Spot – I moved to Arizona from Boston, and hardly knew anyone in the state. I stopped at Hillside Spot for a cold beer to have some interaction with humans, and they had a “new and delicious” beer on tap. It just so happened to be that the beer was Shipyard Pumpkin Head from Sleepy Dog Brewery, my absolute favorite fall beer ever, and from New England. It made me feel warm and cozy and like I can make this new place, home. Hillside forever won my heart and I continue to go to Hillside for inspiration (and beer) and their absolutely delicious food.

Person who has impacted your life the most and why: My Mom, she is my biggest fan and has the patience of a saint. She has listened to me in my worst and best times. She was the small business owner who crossed family lines (from the general store-owner) and bought Greenwood’s Grocery from my Dad’s Father. She also completely started her career over in her mid-forties, entering a new industry because she always wanted to. Now she is a successful businesswoman and the most hardworking person I know.

Your biggest accomplishment in your eyes and why: Starting Greenwood Brewing, because you really have to dig for courage to put yourself and your ideas out for people to see.

The biggest obstacle you’ve overcome: I heard an incredible quote over the weekend from Erika Feinberg, “if I’ve failed, I didn’t even notice” and I do believe that. If I failed, it’s been a dip in the road – I am still on the same path, it’s just that my coffee may have spilled a little (which if you know me, is a daily occurrence).

The biggest obstacle I’ve ever overcome (this is deep) was losing my best friend and confidant in an accident in my early twenties. She was diagnosed with no brain activity two weeks after a motorcycle accident and her family had to take her off life support.

Someone who inspires you and why: Amanda Louise Freick – who you’ve also interviewed! Her and I have been brought together through so many different people, and just became accountability partners. She is a badass in Corporate America and a badass at her side-hustle, Amanda Louise – a fashion-ware and swimsuit business. She does it all, knows every inspirational person, podcast, coach out there, schedules her day perfectly, is a mom, entrepreneur, fitness guru, beer lover (and new homebrewer!), and a baller in corporate America. Not to mention such a pleasant and beautiful person inside and out.

Favorite quote: I love Mark Twain and his quotes, but recently I’ve liked my ‘ol Abe Lincoln’s quote: “Give me six hours to chop a tree and I’ll spend the first four sharpening my axe”. This is resonating with me because I’ve had to be very strategic with my time lately, having my job and my job. 🙂

Advice to someone pursuing a career path in what you do: I’m going to steal Olenka Cullinan’s quote from her interview: Just start now, and it can be small. I began my business going to a networking event where I didn’t know a soul and on my nametag I put my name and my business name. It was the first time I ever introduced my concept and my idea, and it was at that event that I met some of the most key people in my growth and success.

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