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Company Strategy

I consult with companies in various industries on  social media marketing, personal branding, and employee social media best practices.. 

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The more I know about what you need the better I can help. 


I have been building businesses since I was 13 years old, buying and selling basketball cards out of my bedroom using a thing called America Online. 

At 24 years old, I was fired from my only corporate job and forced to move back in with my parents broke, unemployed and with massive student loans. 

Shortly after moving in with my parents, I purchased a condo and rented out the bedrooms to friends. I was instantly hooked and bought as many properties to rent out as I could until the banks stopped giving me money. Thats when I started flipping homes to other investors looking for cash flow rentals. 

When the housing market showed signs of recovering, I pivoted my business into retail sales and co-founder Myriad Real Estate Group. I quickly learned I had a knack for marketing and listing homes, and on the back of organic Facebook reach we grew our sales from $7 million to $24+ million year over year without spending a dime more in marketing costs. 

In 2016 I walked away from the real estate company I co-founded and launched RenzlerMedia, to do for other companies what I had been doing for my own: find market inefficiencies and exploit them, so a small business can compete with the big ones.

As a multiple business owner, I am obsessed with efficiency and maximizing the value of every dollar I spend. To me, the concept of content marketing is a no brainer. I don’t believe in this strategy because I own a digital media company, I started my digital media company because of how much I believe in this.






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