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2016: The Year Snapchat Explodes Your Business

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This is not a 'how-to' Snapchat post, but rather a WHY YOU NEED TO BE ON SNAPCHAT NOW post

Snapchat is coming. In fact, it's already hear. Actually, in fact, it has been here for a while. 

But you didn't notice. That's ok. 

But what isn't ok is ignoring it now. 

From 2012-2015 I exploded my real estate business by implementing Facebook into my marketing strategy. I was able to compete with the big boys with a very minuscule budget, and I did so starting from zero. 

In the first full year of business, we hit $7 million in sales. Not bad at all. Especially for a young 2-person outfit. In year 2 we tripled that. Also in year two we trimmed our marketing budget. 

How were we able to do this? By going to where our competitors weren't. At the time, this meant Facebook. 

What makes Facebook so great for the real estate business is that everyone on Facebook is a potential client or referral source. Unlike many businesses that have to go to LinkedIn and compete with everyone else on the platform, Facebook is unique in that most, if not all, of our potential clients are already using it daily. 

I spent over a year testing out different ad campaigns, ads vs. boosted posts, how to target ads correctly, which posts to boost, how much to spend per ad, and I put it all in this book

What happens when an idea is too good? People copy you. 

Now, Facebook is flooded with real estate ads and posts. Everyone caught on. And thats ok. I knew this would happen. 

The problem, though, is that companies get too caught up in what their competitors are doing and end up in an arms race of ad-spending. If you really want to compete with the big boys, then don't play their game. Play yours.

If David tried to fight Goliath's battle, he would have been destroyed. Instead, David fought his own battle and defeated the giant. 

You cannot outspend your competition. And even if you could, you shouldn't! What's the point? Money is really hard to earn, so why not keep more of it?

Whether you are trying to build a brand, a community, or reach more people, you are going to have to connect with people on a deeper level. And this is a good thing! Right now there is too much noise on Facebook. Don't get me wrong, there is still a lot of potential there for your business, it is just more crowded and you have to get more creative. 

Just as sure as I was about Facebook being the best platform for the real estate business in 2012, I am sure that any service based business MUST be on Snapchat right now!

Are you a fitness trainer? Chiropractor? Dentist? Lawyer? Rodan + Fields distributor?

You must get on Snapchat immediately. 

Right now, there is no better tool currently available with as many users than Snapchat today, for you to reach your client base and provide value. 

For solopreneurs, business owners and entrepreneurs alike, it is crucial to your success that you reach your audience. The level of connectivity provided by Snapchat stories is a game changer, and the longer you wait the more competition you are going to have when you realize I am right. 

There are very few people that are dominating Snapchat today, but the list is growing as more and more people realize the value. 

Snapchat Stories

What is Snapchat Stories? Everything you post on Snapchat Stories remains there for 24 hours, regardless of the time you post. This includes photos and short videos. You can also add text or drawings to these. 

Many people get very creative with this, so experimenting is good. 

But what makes this so valuable as a business tool is the ability to share with your clients, prospects or audience the 'behind the scenes' actions of your every day. 

Digital Media guru and CEO of Vaynermedia, Gary Vaynerchuk, is leading the Snapchat charge into 2016. But what I have found most impressive is the way his personal trainer and online fitness coach Mike Vacanti has been implementing it. 

Throughout the day, Vicanti updates his story with what he is eating, how much water he is drinking, the work outs he is doing, how he works out on the road, and more. Why this is so valuable is because I am able to go through the day with constant reminders of what I should be doing. 

Additionally, I get to see the real person. Not the perfectly edited version of a YouTube video, or a blog post about his perfect day. Real life is hard. Real life is what gets in the way of doing what you know you should be doing. 

Snapchat for your Business

What business are you in? What are some struggles you come across throughout the day?What are some tips you can share or value you can add?

Right now Snapchat is mostly used by celebrity personalities and people under 25 years old. You used to say the same thing about Facebook. In today's world, technology trickles upwards from the youth to the older youth to the old. 

It happened with Facebook. It happened with Instagram. Its happening with Snapchat. 


Building your audience on any platform is difficult. Building one on Snapchat is no different. 

Either your audience, whether they are clients, prospects, customers or whatever, have to use the service. Many already are, but many may not be. 

It is ok for you to introduce it them!

You can even teach them how and be a source of value. Just be prepared to answer A LOT of questions. 

Action Items:

If you are prepared to dominate this platform and explode your business, then here is how you get started.

  • First, download snapchat to your mobile device. Pick a username that matches your other social media usernames. If you have a Twitter handle, use that one again. It's important to remain consistent. 
  • Add your contacts from your phone to your Snapchat friends. 
  • Take a screenshot of your Snapchat photo and share it on your other social media asking your audience to follow you. They can do so by copying your Snapchat photo or by username, so share both. 
  • Create your strategy: What business are you in? Write a blog post, Facebook post, Instagram post, whatever you currently use that has an audience and announce your arrival to Snapchat. Include in this announcement why you are worth following. What tips will you be sharing? What advice will you be providing?
  • Follow up with your strategy, even when no one is watching. Snapchat is a very tough audience to build. Unlike Facebook or Instagram, there are no short cuts and people can easily unfollow you. Building the habits early is what is important. Sharing valuable information. 

Give your best content away for free:

Don't hold back. Give, give and give. Share your tips and secrets. This is valuable. This is what people want. 

If information was all we needed, then we would all be billionaires with six-packs. 

People instead need and want accountability. An expert on their side. Someone to turn to when things get hard or someone to ask questions to when they don't have time to look up the answers. 

Additionally, giving away your best stuff will force you to come up with more and more stuff. In today's world, this has never been more valuable. 

Who to follow on Snapchat:

Finding people on Snapchat is not as easy as doing so on Twitter or Instagram. This will most likely change soon. Today, Snapchat is mostly dominated by celebrities, but this will also change soon. 

If you are new to Snapchat or just want more inspirational people to follow, here is a list to get you started:

Gary Vaynerchuk @garyvee CEO/Owner of Vaynermedia and Digital Media Guru

Mike Vacanti @mikevacanti Personal Trainer and Online Fitness Coach

Mark Suster @msuster Serial Entrepreneur

Skyler Irvine @skyler_irvine Entrepreneur, Investor, Owner/Founder of http://gracelane.co

Casey Neistat @caseyneistat Entrepreneur and Short Film Director



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