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The advertising space is as crowded as it has ever been. Facebook has taken what Google Adwords started and injected steroids. Even today, implementing Google Adwords is a difficult task that many outsource to freelancers or marketing companies. 

But Facebook ads couldn't be simpler. And if they could, then they soon will be. 

This low barrier of entry to Facebook advertising has led to an explosion of advertising. This has also led to the dramatic implosion of the ad-spender's return on investment. 

Put simply, creating an ad on Facebook is very easy to do. Choosing the audience, duration, and budget is also simple. Boosting a Facebook post is even easier. 

This is good for you and bad for you. 

Good for you because it allows you to promote your products, services and content in any manner you see fit. But it also throws a lot of competition into the mix. 

2016: The Year of Content Marketing

Content Marketing is a buzz word you should have heard by now. If you haven't, hurry up and read Dan Norris' Content Machine. Go on, I'll wait. 

Ok, welcome back. 

Content marketing is the future of advertising your product, service or brand, because the next wave of customers has grown up in a world of advertising. Millennials can spot an ad or a sponsored post with their eyes closed while Snapchating during class. (Learn more about Snapchat here)

Millennials are also the reason there is a an entirely new group of millionaires called "YouTubers". YouTubers have perfected the art of content marketing, and its time you learned from them yourself. 

YouTubers create great content, either based on entertainment, engagement or education. Then, once their audience is in place and they have solidified their brand, they monetize on the back end. They do this through Amazon Affiliate Programs, YouTube advertising, product promotion, and the most profitable way: increasing their original business. 

Vlogs are the New Blogs. 

A vlog is a video blog. We are busier than we were a few years ago and don't have time to read amazing posts like the one you are reading now. Instead, audiences want the option to watch their blogs. 

If you create a good vlog, consistently, that brings value to others then you will grow an audience. The more personal you are the more they will get to know you and trust you. If you are a dentist that shares valuable dentistry information and tips and tricks to avoid problems, you will be looked upon as a person of value. 

Instead of offering a 10% discount to a teeth cleaning using a Facebook ad that you are spending $500 a week on in hopes of getting a new client, you start pumping out regular free information to the world. Promote it, grow your audience, keep adding value. 

The result will be an appreciative audience that will come to you when they need dental work. 

Content Marketing

Content marketing done well is hard work. It is tough to measure your results and there is a lot of time consuming work on the front end in hopes of a return on the back end. 

This is also what makes it so valuable! The harder something is, the less competition you will have! How badly do you want it? 

As I mentioned above, the best return on investment when it comes to content marketing is growing your existing business. Going from zero to $5,000 a month in affiliate income will take an enormous audience. 

But spending a few hours a week generating valuable content about your business and industry to share with others in your network will lead to more clients and more business, regardless of your field. 

If you want to make it to the top in today's world, you are going to have to work smarter AND harder. This means doing the right thing, doing it well, and doing it consistently. 

Welcome to 2016!






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