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Snapchat Tips for Beginners

Snapchat Tips for Beginners

Hello all of you new Snapchatters. I see you! I appreciate all the positive feedback I have received from my new followers and new Snapchatters alike.

Now that the hard part is over (ctually signing up and sharing your first few snaps) lets go over some tips to help you get the most out of Snapchat. 

Tip 1: 10 Second Images

When sharing photos, whether to your story or to your selected friends, it is important that you select a time limit appropriate to the photo. The standard time without making any changes is 3 seconds, and this is definitely not long enough if you are including a photo in addition to text or drawings. 

Just go ahead and change this to the full 10 seconds. This allows the people receiving the photo enough time to see the image, read and text and understand your message. If they are able to do this in less than 10 seconds, they still have the option to skip the remaining time simply by touching their screen. 

Tip 2: Vertical vs. Horizontal (Just pick Vertical)

Pick Horizontal or Vertical, and stick with it! Preferably, just stick with vertical. UNLIKE YouTube where every photo you ever shoot on your camera EVER should absolutely be shot horizontally, the viewing features on Snapchat actually encourages both viewing and filming in the vertical angle. 

Additionally, when going through your story from the viewer's perspective, you want to make it an enjoyable experience. Going from horizontal to vertical and back again with short videos clips and photos is taxing on your audience and your message will get lost. 

Tip 3: Share Valuable Content

Keep your end game in mind from the beginning. What is the purpose of all this? Are you looking to grow a brand, build an audience or gain customers? What is it you wish to accomplish?

Whatever your purpose is, will determine the strategy you take and the type of content you decide to share. 

Before you share any piece of content, be sure to ask yourself if it even makes sense that this would bring you closer to your marketing goals, whatever they may be. 


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