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Who Is Writing Your To-Do List?

Who Is Writing Your To-Do List?

Are You in Charge of Your To-Do List?

I love to-do lists!  Without them I am like a race car speeding off at 200 miles per hour with no steering wheel. I am a task/goal/project addict. I absolutely love crossing items off my To-Do list. 

I do not like crossing items off other people's to-do lists. 


Phone Calls.

Office pop-ins. 

How much of your day is spent completing the tasks of others without realizing it? Have you given your staff the empowerment to make mistakes? 

Making mistakes is the #1 excuse employees use when asked why they lack initiative.  Do your employees lack initiative? Do you lack initiative?

What Is Stopping You From Your To-Do List?

The answer I hear the most is 'distractions.' What is distracting you? Stop it. 

Turn off your emails. Turn off your alerts. Shut your office door. Put on headphones. Take charge of your to-do list. 

Are you playing offense or defense?

Do not let your day happen to you. Make your day happen. 

Start with an index card and write down your three most important tasks that must be completed today. Only 3. One index card. 

Do not type this list. Use a pen. 

Start your day tackling the number one item on your list. Then move down to number 2. Yes, you guessed it, after that move on to number three. 

Upon completion of each task, cross the task off your list. Enjoy this feeling. Do it slowly. 

After these three task have been completed, begin your day. 

Everything else can wait. If you really feel like it cannot, then you need to start on your to-do list earlier in the morning. Get it done first. Win the morning, win the day. 

The choice is up to you. You can create systems, hire more staff, empower your employees to make more decisions, but the first decision is yours. What life do you want to be living? Then start right now. 

Take out an index card and write down your top three tasks that must get completed in order to move one step closer to the life you want to be living. 

Uptown Phoenix Magazine: March 2016

Uptown Phoenix Magazine: March 2016

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