Selling Anything on Social Media w/ Chelsea Peitz (The SKYLER IRVINE Show #101)

Episode 101 | The SKYLER IRVINE Show

This episode is already an instant classic with guest Chelsea Peitz, the National Director of Social Sales for Fidelity National Financial.

“I teach people to use the camera on their smartphones to build a powerful personal brand. ” – Chelsea Peitz

Chelsea has spent a lot of time this year speaking across the country and will be joining Gary Vaynerchuk on stage in January at Vaynermedia’s Agent 2021.

Chelsea is a wealth of knowledge and a long time friend of mine almost exclusively through social media.

Please let me know what you think of this episode as I would love to get Chelsea back to RenzlerMedia for future discussions.


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More about the Amazing Chelsea:


Title: National Director of Social Sales

Favorite movie? Goonies & Mrs. Doubtfire

Upcoming Events:  Gary V’s Agent 2021 January 17th Florida

Hometown: Consider this my hometown- moved here in 93 to go to high school – grew up in Palm Springs

First Job: I was a hostess for the original Manuel’s in central phoenix – I had a purple honda civic that always smelled like mexican food

Favorite AZ restaurant, venue, or activity and why?   Tough one! I love Rokerij has a super cool vibe, great music and history! I also love to visit the resorts for dinner it makes me feel like I’m on vacation!                                                                                                                                                                              

Who is someone that has had a major impact in the person you are today? A really good friend of mine had a terrible tragic medical issue come on unexpectedly last year and changed his life in 24 hrs. I changed my life after that and my perspective about appreciating our time here and how we live it –  when that happened – I decided I would take risks and live life without settling. Life is short.

What is your most memorable mistake in business? My best mistakes are my biggest successes – not at the time, but each one had a valuable lesson for me to learn – mistakes are painful opportunities. Probably one major experience I learned from was my first real job and also in the major downturn in 2008 when we lost everything.

The biggest obstacle you’ve overcome – imposter syndrome


Someone who inspires you and why? of course all the major people that inspire everyone like Gary V and Seth Godin – but I find that the people closest to us always inspire us the most


Favorite quote? “People wonder why their 12 year old daughter is taking 10,000 pictures a day of things they would never care about. What they don’t realize, is that she’s not preserving images – she’s talking.” – Evan Speigel, CEO of Snapchat


Advice to someone pursuing a career path in what you do? Start. Do something every day for literally 24 months. People will tell you what your brand is – let them. You can’t figure that out unless you do and try many things. I also believe that writing an old fashioned book will make you an expert. Who cares if no one reads it. The discipline and research alone to make it will level you up. Never fake it until you make it – tell people you are making it and take them with you on the journey.


Alexa Voice of Social Sales