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How to Start a Successful Podcast and Build a Loyal Audience with Tap That AZ Host Eric Walters | Episode 84

About Eric Walters:

Eric moved to Arizona over 10 years ago and hasn’t felt the need the beat the heat since! His passion for podcasting started as a long-distance relationship with his friend back home in the form of a music podcast. Within the show was a segment titled, “What the f*ck are you drinking?” which triggered him to begin a podcast about the exploding craft beer scene in Arizona. Today, Eric travels to breweries, distilleries, and more to hear inspiring stories from entrepreneurs who want to make it happen in the craft beer scene.

Favorite AZ restaurant, venue, or activity and why? Can I say downtown Flagstaff? If so then thats my place. Not just in AZ but anywhere. I absolutely love downtown Flagstaff. Being a beer lover and especially now since beer is my career downtown Flagstaff is my mecca with 6 breweries or brewery taprooms all within close walking distance. Great whiskey bars too. Not to mention amazing food. Food of any kind. Pizza. Ramen. Thai. Mexican. BBQ. DIABLO BURGER!!! Once again all within close walking distance.

Favorite quote? I have 2 that I love equally: “Be Water, My Friend” – Bruce Lee – basically what he is saying in this short speech is to be flexible, “be shapeless, formless. Like water. Water can flow. Or it can crash. When water goes into a cup it BECOMES the cup”. Don’t stubbornly stick to one idea or approach. Become what the situation requires. Adjust accordingly. Constantly. My other favorite: Regrets of today and fears of tomorrow are the twin thieves that rob us of today.

Who is someone that has had a major impact in the person you are today? My wife for sure. She has always been my biggest fan and my biggest advocate. She sees things in me that I don’t even see and she has a way to help me see it. She encourages me to no end but also holds me accountable. If I’m having a pity party she shuts it down like a high school kegger. She fully understands me as a person and knows how to push me in the right direction. Plus she is just such a ray of sunshine she brings positive energy every single day. She’s a rockstar.

Show Notes:

  • When/why did Eric Walters move to Arizona?
  • How did he start podcasting?
  • How did podcasting change him?
  • Who has guided him throughout his podcasting career?
  • How did Arizona Food and Beer hear about him?
  • What is Eric’s key to staying focused and growing your podcast?
  • What is Eric’s podcast all about?
  • His advice to anyone who wants to start a podcast.
  • Moved here 10 years ago from Ohio; likes the AZ heat.
  • Loves the Steelers.
  • Started a music podcast with a friend 2 years ago through Skype.
  • Hired a podcast coach to help them out and give them more structure.
  • Looks up to Joe Rogan.
  • Had a segment called ‘What the F are you drinking?’ in his podcast which helped other breweries find them.
  • Challenges that come with a co-host and editing.
  • Write drunk, edit sober.
  • Part of a podcasting group.
  • Went off on his own and helped him gain confidence.
  • Going into making a podcast he thought it was more of a hobby and his wife thought there was a switch.
  • Vision of success continuously changes.
  • Likes Diners, Drive-In’s, and Drives + Chef’s Table.
  • Partnership with Arizona Food + Beer
  • Wanted to grow organically and gain traction in the beer scene naturally
  • Started doing beer events at Helton Brewing beer school
  • Starting out with a platform and the platform gets you to do more and more things; be more involved.
  • Previously in sales so he has experience navigating conversations
  • Quit his job recently to pursue this full-time.
  • Has gained confidence from doing more and more events and podcasts
  • Having the right resources and people at your plate helps build your network and connections.
  • Utilizes Instagram a lot for getting people on the podcast
  • Used to never take risks
  • Have to be selfish to get long-term success
  • If you’re really passionate about something, you will continuously chip away at it and see where it goes.
  • Consistency in any type of podcast or anything you do.
  • Consistency is king and quality is queen.
  • Really feels like his podcast is all about Arizona Local.
  • Just take that chance and do it.
  • Regrets of yesterday and fears of tomorrow quote…
  • Wants to get the story of their brand out there.

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