Rolling Rack Boutique, ‘Its Like A Food Truck But For Clothes’! | Susie Diamond

The SKYLER IRVINE Show | Episode 96

On Episode 96 of The SKYLER IRVINE Show, I sat down with Susie Diamond, the owner/founder of Rolling Rack Boutique, a high end women’s boutique on wheels.

From idea to execution, overcoming countless obstacles, and getting involved with Vanderpump Rules, are just a few of the many items we discuss.

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More about Susie:


Favorite Movie: the original Halloween, —-> (Days Later) —–> I’m really lame. My ALL time fave movie is Salem’s Lot! So retraction on last statement. In my world this matters!


Upcoming Events: Schedule is updated daily on website shoprollingrack.com. Have a ton of Fall events and weekend events at Scottsdale Quarter


Hometown: Ventura, CA but parents moved us out here when I was six months old so pretty much a native!


First job: Jungle Jim’s Playland on Alma School and Guadalupe in Mesa. I started out hosting kids birthday parties, quickly got promoted to the Events Coordinator where at 16 I had my own little office and a .10 pay increase. I quickly got demoted when my people skills everyone loved turned into me on the phone talking to all my friends in my little private office which caused a constant busy signal to people trying to call in and book events. (I totally dated myself with the busy signal reference).


Fave AZ Restaurant/Venue/Activity: Montis La Casa Vieja Tempe ..it was my Dad’s fave and we went a lot growing up and it became my fave as an adult. Love to Hike Peralta Trail at Superstitions, it’s where I made the hike to spread my Dads ashes.


Someone who has had a major impact on who I am today: My Dad. He was such a free spirit, a live and let live soul. Gave his last $5 to the homeless guy on the corner, would go buy them a pack of cigarettes. He showed me how to empathize with fellow humans. We also had some very rich times, and very poor times. But no matter what spectrum we were on, he always helped others. He always gave back.


Most Memorable Mistake: Giving away a lot of free merchandise. I had a local popular news anchor take clothes from me after making me feel so awkward about it if I said no, promising me a shoutout on IG. Four months later, she won’t even respond to me, and never followed me or do the shoutout. The stuff she took as a small business starting out hurt me because they were popular items I could have sold. Same with the Influencers..not only have I provided free merch but also paid, and that has been an eye opening experience. Not a lot of people hold up their end of the bargain, and I’m not sure how successful the Influencer model is to a small business.


The Biggest Obstacle: Convincing designers I am truly an Experience, Beverly Hills on Wheels..when you go and introduce yourself as a new boutique, then oh yeah I’m selling out of a truck, they can’t even comprehend the level of what my truck looks like. Luckily now the media and pictures all help. In the beginning trying to get fully stocked before I could send pictures of the truck because it wasn’t complete was hard. Nobody wanted to give me a chance and couldn’t picture it.


Someone who Inspires Me: My husband. He built my dream. And he shows up, every single day for me (mostly) with a smile. He builds cars so has back breaking work to begin with, but he just keeps going. All my events, all weekends, and his energy rarely fades. He’s like the Energizer Bunny. And he lets me bring home almost every stray dog or cat I find along the way with very minimal complaining.


Favorite Quote: Do no harm, but take no shit.


Advice to someone pursuing a career path in what you do:  Inventory of any boutique is most important. Decide your vibe, and really research designers. Inventory is ordered  9-12 months out so you really need to know your space, and be prepared to be blown away when something you think will resonate or be very popular with your customers ends up being a bust, and something you think there is no way it will be popular sells out right away. Be prepared to buy things you don’t like! It’s not just about your taste!