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How A Viral Social Media Post About Losing Her Job Landed Her A New One | Ep #139

Elena Kokhanovski, like many people these last 2 weeks, received the news that she was being let go from her job. One viral LinkedIn Post and a short week later, she had a new one.  Hear her story on today’s podcast as well as tactical and practical advice for improving your resumes in 2020! What […]


Finding Your Ideal Client, Credit Card Debt, and Doing Business with Friends | #AskSkylerLive 62

🔷 Hi everyone, thank you for tuning in to another #AskSkylerLive! This the show where you ask your questions for Skyler LIVE over Facebook and he answers them.  🔶 On today’s show Skyler had the pleasure of sitting with Dena Jones the Director of Strategic Partnerships at Fidelity National Title. The two were able to […]