How To Market Any Business on Facebook | An Interview on the Aftershock Online Podcast

This is a special interview I did with Josh Norris on the Aftershock Online Podcast. We discussed the current state of digital marketing and went pretty tactical on how to market B2B using Facebook. Additional Topics: Why I don’t golf anymore Getting more done after having kids Becoming a morning person late in life Doing […]


Jack Grace USA Founder Bart Walker: Developing Patented Customizable and Interchangeable Golf Shoes | Episode 76 #theSKYLERIRVINEshow

Jack Grace USA Founder Bart Walker   Episode 76 Watch Full Episode: Listen to Full Episode on SOUNDCLOUD: “I have always had a passion for shoes. As a kid I remember being so thrilled to get a new pair of sneakers I would place them (one laterally and one pointing at me) in front of […]