#theSKYLERIRVINEshow 85 – Chris Hardin: Genuine Concepts

DoorDash, Social Media Marketing & Restaurants in 2018
Chris Hardin: Genuine Concepts

Chris Hardin is the Regional Manager and Beverage Director of Genuine Concepts in Phoenix Arizona. You may not have heard of Genuine Concepts, but if you live around Phoenix you have definetly been to one of their restaurants.
Restaurants managed include:
– The Vig
– Womack
– Little Woody
– Ladera
– Cobra Arcade, with a 2nd location opening up on Tucson soon!
and more.

Chris has over 10 years in the beverage industry, the majority of which he has been 100% sober. Rising through the ranks in the restaurant industry, Chris has seen it all.

We discuss all this plus the current state of restaurants, the positive and negative impacts social media and DoorDash, and what its like to root for the Cleveland Browns.

Chris has the unique ability to get you excited about any topic and I really hope you get the chance to listen to this episode all the way through. Thank you so much for checking this out and I hope you enjoy it!

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More about Chris:

What’s your favorite movie: The Departed

Do you have any upcoming events/products launching that you would like to promote?

We will be launching Cobra Arcade Bar in Tucson in mid June. Date still TBD. Just launched a new Brunch Menu at The Vig I’m proud of.

Hometown, if not Arizona when did you move here?

Cleveland, OH. August 2008. 10 years ago in August.

What was the first job you ever held? feel free to elaborate on any fun memories or experiences!)

Ha! A paper route and then I worked a baseball card shop. I was allowed to buy and sell.

Favorite AZ restaurant, venue, or activity and why?

Restaurant would be tough to narrow it down to one. I could if I had too… but not an easy answer on paper! Favorite venue would be Crescent Ballroom & the Van Buren to see a show. Hiking is my favorite AZ thing to do. I love exploring the Superstition Mountains and Sedona. I also love lifting weights at Independence Gym!

Who is someone that has had a major impact in the person you are today?

Easy answer would be my Father and brother, but the most impactful person would be Owen Cole. He is the Director of Operations for In Good Spirits Hospitality (The Gladly, Citizen Public House) and he has served as my mentor and guide through the past 5 years.

What is your most memorable mistake you have made in your business or career?

There has been a collection of missteps and decisions that didn’t go my way, but I believe you must understand and accept that the journey is going to teach you things along the way. I have and carry my faith that if something didn’t go “my way” there is a reason for it, and it will be revealed in time.

I’ll continue to contemplate the “one” mistake, but I’m not sure as I write this. There isn’t a “mistake” in my mind, but  lessons that have been learned in each step through life.

The biggest obstacle you’ve overcome:

Myself. Living a sober life one day at a time. I can expand on this.

Someone who inspires you and why?

Not to sound like Matthew McConaughey here, but my future self. As long as I doing my best every single day and doing my absolute best in all situations, I know there is nothing else I can do. I can only control what I can control, so I am determined when I get to the end of my journey in life that I can say I did it my way. I lived my life the very best I could with no regrets. If I do that I believe I’ll have made an impact with my life.

Favorite quote?

I’m a huge quote person… I’ve got over 500 saved in my phone, so I’ve got quite a few that come to mind! Lately “The Axe forgets but the tree remembers” comes to mind. Love that one in regards to how we treat others. “Would you rather invest your time, or spend it?” I love reminding myself daily to “Practice the Pause” and I have the “Serenity Prayer” hanging from my neck at all times so I never forget. I love ALL the quotes!

Advice to someone pursuing a career path in what you do?

Be humble. Ask questions. Be positive each day. Have an “Owners Eye” and treat your environment like the owner was working beside you. Take care of inventory and treat everything (from guests, co-workers, booze to your work environment) with the utmost respect. Creating a healthy life balance is the key when you bartend to avoid burnout and losing yourself to the night and the temptations that come with working in the food/hospitality industry.

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