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Iconic Arizona


About Nick.

What was the first job you ever held? feel free to elaborate on any fun memories or experiences!): Caddie at the Kenosha Country Club, age 12. Lots of time spent at the Caddy Shack! (only a little bit like the movie) Learned a lot about who you wanted to caddie for and not caddie for based on tip size, bag size, personalities, etc. Learned a little bit of personal politics in the workplace dealing with the caddie master, Miltie. He basically determined what caddies got out on any given day and what bags they got. Best to be on Miltie’s good side. Caddies had a basketball hoop and we had some epic 3 on 3 tourneys out there and there were some woods we go to explore behind the shack.

Favorite AZ restaurant, venue, or activity and why?


Phoenicia Cafe: the Chicken Schwarma, falafel, and hummus appetizers are sublime. Then there’s the Baklava!

Cyclo: Crispy Noodle Squares and BYOB. Owner Justina is hilarious and will just sit down and chat with you.

Recent best meal: Clever Koi: Pork Ramen and pork belly steamed bun!

Camping: Renovated a 1975 Winnebago Travel Trailer last year. I try to get my family to go whenever we can. Really like Bartlett Lake dispersed camping. We have kayaks and paddle-boards and the kids really like to fish too. Anything up on the Mogollon Rim and we have been lucky to visit the North Rim of the Grand Canyon the last two summers.

Who is someone that has had a major impact in the person you are todayMy wife Allison. 11 years, 3 Kids. Hardest worker I know. She is an elementary school principal and of course a wonderful wife and mom. She really treats   everyone she comes into contact with respect and dignity. It would be really hard to find someone she does not get along with and she is never satisfied with her current level of knowledge and understanding. For example, she recently starting embracing the practice of meditation to further improve. She was also my biggest cheerleader when I started developing Iconic Arizona.

What is your most memorable mistake you have made in your business or career? In my education career, just not pursuing every available opportunity and settling, being satisfied with my current situation. Basically, doing the opposite my wife did with her Education career. With Iconic Arizona, I have missed out on a few opportunities to connect and network with some like minded entrepreneurs due to some self doubt.

Someone who inspires you and why? Some of the local companies that I feel have opened the flood-gates for the local movement. State Forty Eight, State Bicycle, Keep it Wild, Phoenix Flea, Frances Vintage, Junk in the Trunk, Lifetime Leather. I feel like they have done a lot of the heavy lifting and made it easier for new brands like mine to be successful and sustainable more quickly.

Advice to someone pursuing a career path in what you do? Put in the time when you get a chance to meet a customer face to face, over DM, whatever. It will be remembered. Avoid thinking about it as 1 sale or order and think about the interaction as obtaining a customer for life.

The biggest obstacle you’ve overcome: In terms of Iconic Arizona, just learning how to do everything. How to buy from a wholesaler, create using Illustrator, register for events, pay sales tax, etc.

Favorite quote? I used to teach a lot of history and my Grandfather was a huge Harry Truman fan. “The buck stops here.”


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