Is it time to Tik Tok? Also Updates on WeWork and On Rally Rd.

Super excited to be bringing this special episode to my podcast listeners! This episode contains a sneak peek into the new format coming to this channel, (3 days a week!) including the “Weekly Renzler” every Friday. 

I am combining the best parts of my current podcats and adding new segments and more return guests to the mix. 

You can still submit your questions if you have them any time and they will get answered on the show with a shout out to you if you include your info. 

Part 1 of this show I talk about these changes and then touch on the tokenization of Sports Cards starting with Rally Rd’s announcement this week. 

Then Jillian Messina, the VP of Operations at RenzlerMedia joins me for the Weekly Renzler, which will also be available to watch on our RenzlerMedia social’s. 

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