How to Plan Your Social Media Content (Ask Skyler Live #40)

Hey everybody!!! Thanks so much for checking out another episode of #AskSkylerLive. In this episode we talk primarily about planning your social media content, Skyler’s claim to fame and we discuss using specific social media platforms for specific reasons. What you put on Instagram, probably should vary a bit from what is going on your Facebook, depending on what your overall goals are. Questions Asked Today: How far out do you plan your social media content? With the way Phoenix is growing, will Phoenix ever be a bigger market than L.A. or New York? If you had to give up one social media platform, which would it be and how would it impact you? What was your claim to fame? 👇 Watch Now: 👇 👇 Listen Now: 👇

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Mistakes Entrepreneurs Make When Starting Their First Business (Ask Skyler Live #39)

Ask Skyler Live | Episode 39 This was an awesome episode of Ask Skyler Live, loved these questions and I love you all for submitting them! We went business and marketing heavy on this one so I hope you share this episode with someone you think it might help. Its literally the greatest compliment you can give me is sharing these shows with your friends and colleagues. Today’s Questions: – What’s the one thing new entrepreneurs always get wrong – What impact with YouTube stories have on the video platform’s future – What is your opinion on the most effective form of social media advertising today 👇  Watch: 👇 👇  Listen: 👇  

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Public Relations, Social Media and Personal Branding in 2019 w/ Jennifer Kaplan (TSIS #102)

The SKYLER IRVINE Show | Episode #102 On this episode of The Skyler Irvine Show, Skyler sits down with Jennifer Kaplan, Owner and Founder of Evolve Public Relations and Marketing. Jennifer has owned her own public relations company for 14 years. Her clients range from restaurants, retailers, entertainment, real estate, medical, legal, global and international companies. She is a native of Arizona and grew up not far from the Renzler Media studio. 👇 Watch Now: 👇 👇 Listen Now: 👇 Skyler and Jennifer talk about what it takes to be a successful business and the power of marketing and public relations in achieving business goals. They discuss the empowerment that social media has brought to people and businesses by creating easy access to the ability to market and brand their own ideas into successful businesses. They talk about what makes public relations more of an art than a science, talking about how “perception is reality”, something you will hear Jennifer say more than once and how you have the power to paint the picture that you want others to see or believe while maintaining an authentic and really feel. They talk about how important it is to sustain public relations and marketing beyond the startup or introduction of a new product or company and about how the new things are easy, anyone can handle the “new”, but beyond new is where you need to be creative. They discuss branding as being what people say about you and your company when you aren’t around, and marketing being what you say about yourself. Hear what they have to say about different public relation stunts, knowing your audience, and asking for opinions to prevent yourself from getting tunnel vision. Topics Talked About on Episode 102 Marketing Marketing v. Public relations Status symbol of having a PR company PR being more impactful than an advertisement on the TV or in a magazine Importance of sustaining PR Building partnerships Where Jennifer sees the future of PR heading People want to be able to measure the impact of their dollar Quality v Quantity Taking advantage of EVERYTHING Establish a brand… then market that brand Being willing and able to revamp at anytime Snapchat Spectacles IHOB We all play the game… Are you playing it willingly or do you not even realize you’re playing the game? Know your audience There is such a thing as bad PR Human beings are simple Uber v Lyft Coke v Pepsi Always being honest Asking others for their opinion Connect with Jennifer Kaplan Instagram: Facebook: Website:   👇 Subscribe to Podcast 👇

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Selling Anything on Social Media w/ Chelsea Peitz (The SKYLER IRVINE Show #101)

Episode 101 | The SKYLER IRVINE Show This episode is already an instant classic with guest Chelsea Peitz, the National Director of Social Sales for Fidelity National Financial. “I teach people to use the camera on their smartphones to build a powerful personal brand. ” – Chelsea Peitz Chelsea has spent a lot of time this year speaking across the country and will be joining Gary Vaynerchuk on stage in January at Vaynermedia’s Agent 2021. Chelsea is a wealth of knowledge and a long time friend of mine almost exclusively through social media. Please let me know what you think of this episode as I would love to get Chelsea back to RenzlerMedia for future discussions. 📺👇  Watch Episode: 👇 📺 🎧 Listen Now or Subscribe for Later: 🎧 👇👇👇👇👇👇 On episode 101 of The SKYLER IRVINE Show, Skyler is joined by his guest, Chelsea Peitz. She is the National Director of Social Sales for Fidelity National Bank.  Chelsea considers Phoenix to be her hometown since she has been here since high school. Her first job was as a hostess at the original Manuel’s in central Phoenix.  A really good friend of Chelsea’s had a terrible tragic medical issue come on unexpectedly last year and it changed his life in 24 hours. That changed her life after that and her perspective about appreciating out time here and how we live it. When that happened, I decided I would take risks and live without settling. This had a major impact on who she is today. Life is way too short.  Her advice to someone pursuing a career path in what she does is to “Start. Do something every day for literally 24 months. People will tell you what your brand is – let them. You can’t figure that our unless you do and try many things.I also believe writing an old fashioned book will make you an expert; who cares if no one reads it. The discipline and research alone to make it will level you up. Never fake it until you make it – tell people you are making it and take them with you on the journey.” On the show they talk about selling almost anything with social media as a tool. In January 2021, Chelsea will be joining Gary Vaynerchuck on stage at Vaynermedia’s Agent. Alexa Voice of Social Sales

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Randall Hedden Artist

Randall Hedden: Speed Painter, Entertainer and Multi-Million Dollar Fundraiser (The SKYLER IRVINE Show 100)

Episode 100 | The SKYLER IRVINE Show First and foremost, thank you to everyone for helping us get to 100 episodes. Second, thank you to Randall Hedden, for not only stopping by the office to share your incredible story, but for painting us a gift! Randall is a career artist who seems to have more incredible stories than Forrest Gump. From owning an art gallery during the recession to raising over $1.75 Million for various charities. Let me know what you think of this episode! “Don’t do it for the money. Enjoy the journey, it makes life more fun and interesting” -Randall Hedden Watch Now: Subscribe and Listen on Apple Podcasts: More About Randall:  Randall began his professional art career in Indiana working primarily as a portrait artist and illustrator for several local print shops and agencies.  As early as 1973, he was commissioned to paint a limited edition poster for the Kentucky Derby.  In the early 1980s, Randall’s paintings were part of a tour of “Artists of the Midwest” that traveled to many major galleries and museums across the United States. In his early years, many of his murals were seen on the exteriors of large buildings throughout the Midwest.  Several of his projects were written up in major publications throughout Indiana, including his first Red Skelton mural in 1980 and the ill-fated “Historic Vincennes” mural that once existed on the Old Gimbel Bond building. In 1986, Randall moved to Phoenix, Arizona and began doing commission work for Mattel Toys, Walt Disney, Sony, The Fiesta Bowl, and several resorts and casinos in the Southwest.  Randall has created over 1000 murals, both residential and commercial. Mr. Hedden continues to be active in the commercial and fine art fields.  Professing to never retire from his art career, he is constantly re-inventing himself and has brought his art to the stage as an entertainment act.  This talent was discovered in January of 2011 by “America’s Got Talent” television show where he advanced to the final 100 by creating a 5’ square portrait of a celebrity live in less than 90 seconds. Since it’s inception, TributeArt Live! performs over 100 shows a year across the world and has raised nearly 2 million dollars for various charities.  Deemed “America’s Favorite Speed Painter” by the entertainment industry in 2014 for his accuracy as well as his speed, Randall continues his quest for the next best show. Randall’s work can be seen at and Randell Hedden

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Weird Phobias, Public Speaking Tips & Thriving After Eating Disorder

Ashley Law | #AskSkylerLive Episode 38 Ashley Law joins me on #AskSkylerLive to talk about overcoming an eating disorder, weird phobias that never seem to go away and we also make a big announcement for the Season 2 ‘Why Arizona Podcast‘ Host. Ashley Law is a public speaker and founder of Speak Up Buttercup. She is very passionate about giving women of all backgrounds a voice and platform to talk about the things that matter most to them. AskSkylerLive is the Facebook Live Show where you ask 3 questions, and I answer them. LIVE! Follow my page on and turn on post notifications if you want to tune in live for the next episode. Submit questions throughout the week or live during the show. 👇Watch Now! 👇 👇 Listen Now! 👇  

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‘Phat Scooters’ CEO Peter Johnson (TSIS 99)

The SKYLER IRVINE Show | Episode 99 👇Watch Now: 👇 👇  Listen Now: 👇 Subscribe on Apple Podcasts 👇 👇 👇 Peter Johnson, co-founder and CEO of Phat Scooters, stops by the office to talk to me about entrepreneurship, dealing with federal regulations and what its like when you wake up to find a 25% tariff on your business. Peter is a serial entrepreneur and former swimmer at UofA, and grew up in Guam. His story is fascinating and his new product is not only fun, but is solving a lot of current transportation problems. Links: Instagram Website

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Michael Washington Brown, Creator of ‘Black!’ on The SKYLER IRVINE Show #98

Michael Washington Brown; Actor, Playwright & Storyteller (Episode 98) Michael Washington Brown was born in London, England.  He is the first generation born outside of his family’s direct heritage of the Caribbean (Jamaica & Barbados). In 1992 at 19, he left London for the shores of California, a place he fell in love with from his initial visit as a child at age 10. He knew even at this young age that he would ‘one day’ make America his home.   👇Listen Now: 👇 👇Watch Now: 👇 What is ‘Black!”? In this piece, you will meet several individuals who will each describe their personal experience with the word BLACK!  We will learn about their stories, how their lives are affected by this word and most important, their individual perspectives. We hope to discover and better understand what they feel towards those of similar ethnic roots, and why they may not necessarily share the same ‘black’ experience… …or do they? More about Michael:  Do you have any upcoming events/products launching that you would like to promote? I am bringing my show “BLACK!” to the Tempe Center for the Arts- Nov 2nd & 3rd @ 7pm. Tickets can be purchased at:   Hometown? Born in London, England, moved to AZ in 1998- moved to America in 1992- lived in California.   What was the first job you ever held? feel free to elaborate on any fun memories or experiences!): First job EVER was at Woolworths (London) I was 15 and lied to get the job!   Favorite AZ restaurant, venue, or activity and why? I enjoy healthy restaurants like Flowerchild, I enjoy yoga very much (5-6 times a week) at Modern Yoga in Scottsdale. I like to be active as it keep me out of my head and into my body.   Who is someone that has had a major impact in the person you are today? My Mum & Grandmother- They are the rock of my existence.   What is your most memorable mistake you have made in your business or career? Trying to do it all alone – not being willing to delegate or allow others’ to share in the experience.   The biggest obstacle you’ve overcome: Myself – will elaborate.   Someone who inspires you and why? Tyler Perry – what he has built for himself despite being in the “outside looking in…”   Favorite quote? “When a person shows you who they are…believe them”- Maya Angelou   Advice to someone pursuing a career path in what you do? Stay committed to your vision and purpose, be open to change, but never compromise on what your purpose is. NEVER give up!  Find a way to move forward- the right people will eventually show up. Have FAITH!

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Chef Michael Leto on #AskSkylerLive 37!

Keto Diet, Food Science and Re-Branding Mental Health Chef Michael Leto joined me on this episode of Ask Skyler Live to talk about my new health plan in which he is in charge of all the food I eat for the next few months We get some awesome questions throughout the show and our conversation goes into some incredible directions including re-branding the term ‘mental health’ to ‘mental fitness’ and whether or not that will impact our conversation around this topic. 👇  Listen Now 👇 👇 Watch Now 👇 👇 Listen on iTunes! 👇    

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‘Made with Love’ Founders Cody Waltz & Maribeth Sublette

The SKYLER IRVINE Show Episode 97 Episode 97 of The Skyler Irvine Show with the founders of Made With Love Cody Waltz and Maribeth Sublette. Maribeth and Cody both started and currently run local e-commerce websites with very strong communities on Instagram and Facebook. This year, they came together to create an event in the physical world which unites other local e-commerce brands to encourage and help each other overcome obstacles and also to raise awareness within the community of all the amazing brands built locally. Cody and Maribeth are a wealth of knowledge in the e-commerce space, both starting at the bottom with no knowledge other than what they could learn on YouTube and trial and error. This is my first episode back after a 3 week hiatus and I had a ton of fun talking and learning from these very intelligent women. I really hope you find the time to listen to this one and reach out to them if you can. Thanks for listening and I hope you are subscribed and leave a review for us, my team works really hard to try and bring you value so let us know if its working! 👇 Watch Now: 👇 👇 Listen Now: 👇   More About These Awesome Guests!   Cody Waltz Company/Brand: Organic Baby Love and Made with Love Market Gilbert Title at Business: Co-Owner of Made with Love Gilbert, Owner of Organic Baby Love What’s your favorite movie? Bridesmaids, obviously Do you have any upcoming events/products launching that you would like to promote? Our Made with Love Market is every other weekend in Heritage Marketplace in Downtown Gilbert. Our next market date is October 13th from 8am-12pm. I’m about to do some re-branding for my Organic Baby Love business so stay tuned for that exciting news! Hometown: Pinetop, Arizona   First Job: The first job I ever held was hemming pants in high school. Coincidentally that ended up being right in line with what I started doing for my first business, sewing baby clothes although thankfully I don’t have to use starch all day for organic baby clothes. I should have probably listened to what I enjoyed doing before going to grad school a few times and getting a couple of degrees in teaching that I didn’t end up using long term.   Favorite AZ restaurant: My favorite AZ restaurant has to be Pomegranate Cafe because my husband and I are vegan and they have the BEST food. We also love taking our son hiking and just being outside up in the mountains where I grew up.   Who is someone that has had a major impact in the person you are today?: Someone who has had a major impact on the person I am today has to be my brother Kyle. He’s younger than me but he’s always set me straight when I needed it, is the most patient guy, and is a trailblazer who follows his passions and I admire that trait in him more than anything.   What is your most memorable mistake you have made in your business or career? I can’t recall any HUGE mistakes I’ve made in my business but probably the ones I regret are more along the lines of not stepping out of my comfort zone a little more when participating in activities with other businesses. I’ve been able to make so many amazing connections and friends, like Maribeth for example, and I wish I had pushed myself a little more in that area a couple years ago.   The biggest obstacle you’ve overcome: The biggest obstacle I’ve overcome and maybe I’m still working at, is having the doubt from other people get to your head. It’s easy to let the negativity of others cross into your own thoughts but it’s always worth it to stay focused and believe in yourself.   Someone who inspires you and why? As cheesy as it may sound that my business partner inspires you, I have to say Maribeth. Maribeth is someone who everyone wants to be friends with because she’s got the warmest and kindest demeanor about her. She’s confident and she’s an amazing role model as a mother and friend and I’m lucky to call her my business partner.   Favorite quote? “At this point in my life, if it’s not making me money, making me better, or making me happy, then I don’t have time for it.” 😀 I’m constantly asking myself if what I’m doing is making me a better person or making me happy. Money is a bonus but if I’m not happy, I don’t do it anymore.   Advice to someone pursuing a career path in what you do? My advice would be to just believe in yourself and take the leap. There will always be people who doubt you or don’t believe you can be successful but the hardest part is the scariest part and that’s just making the first step to start your business. It’s a hard, long journey, but it’s ultimately the most satisfying and it’s so important to listen to the voice inside of you telling you what to do. Find what makes you happy and then do that.   Which social media platform(s) do you want people to reach you at and what is your handle? You can reach my personal business handle at @organicbabylove or our market handle at @madewithlovegilbert   Maribeth Sublette Company/Brand: LALAthreads (personal) and Made with Love Markets (with my partner Cody Waltz) Title at Business: Owner What’s your favorite movie? Mean Girls Do you have any upcoming events/products launching that you would like to promote? 2018 Events Made with Love Gilbert- Oct. 13, 27, Nov 24th, Dec 8th and 15th 8am-12pm Off the Street Festival- Nov 2nd and 3rd Gilbert Days Made with Love Event- Nov 17th 10:30-2:30 2019 Events Made with Love Gilbert- Jan 12, 26th, Feb 9th and 23rd, March 9th and 23rd, April 13th and 27th Mom Made Market Phoenix- Date TBA   Hometown: Gilbert, AZ First Job: My best friend and I started our own business when we were 10. We babysat together and were very proud of our business cards. My first real job was as a lifeguard for the Town of Gilbert.   Favorite AZ restaurant: La’s Thai in Scottsdale. They’re a family owned restaurant. The mom and dad cook, and their daughters are waitresses. Everything they make is incredible, and they make every customer feel at home.   Who is someone that has had a major impact in the person you are today? Personally, my mom. She’s an incredible mother, and balanced so much when we were growing up. She showed me that it is possible to juggle ten different hats and still put your kids and family first.   Professionally, my students. I learned so much about grit, determination, and life from them. I look at the world so much differently now than I did before I taught.   What is your most memorable mistake you have made in your business or career? I once designed, printed, and marketed a shirt with a typo on it. The shirt was supposed to say “golf RUINED my life”. Instead, it said “golf RUNIED my life”. I mentally “fixed” the error in my head every time I looked at it, and obviously never caught it. My husband and I had a pretty good laugh over it when he called and told me about the mistake he caught on the shirt I was advertising on Instagram. I still have a “ruined” shirt that I wear around the house. It still makes me laugh.   The biggest obstacle you’ve overcome: This is a little personal, but probably postpartum anxiety. Trying to juggle staying at home with two kids, running two businesses and attempting to be a good wife, friend, and sister was nearly impossible with the anxiety. I am so proud of myself for finally swallowing my pride and talking to my OB about my mental health.   Someone who inspires you and why? Dr. John Shufeldt. I was lucky enough to work for him after I left teaching. He is an emergency room physician, lawyer, entrepreneur, author, speaker, pilot, and an amazing mentor. It is because of his influence in my life that I had the guts to start my first business. He taught me that failure is not something to fear, but rather, something to be proud of. If I failed, it meant that I actually tried to succeed, rather than just sit on the sidelines because I was too afraid to take a risk. Favorite quote? “Be who you are and say what you feel, because those who mind don’t matter and those who matter don’t mind.” -Dr. Seuss   Advice to someone pursuing a career path in what you do? Trust your gut.   Which social media platform(s) do you want people to reach you at and what is your handle? Instagram @LALAthreads

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Learning to Invest, Is Passive Income Real, Next Big Thing in Marketing | #AskSkylerLive 36

Ask Skyler Live | Episode 36 AskSkylerLive is recorded on Facebook Live and redistributed on my YouTube and Podcast Channels. Tune in live to ask your questions or submit them throughout the week. Prizes given out to best questions weekly!  Questions from #AskSkylerLive Episode 36: 1:55 – @JoeIuculano on Insta: What/ Where is the next big opportunity in social media advertising? 4:08 – Jeremy Jacob on Quora: What are your 7 sources of passive income? 9:05 – Brandon Burchard: Where would you start if you had to begin to learn about investing again, today?   👇 📺 Watch Now 📺 👇 👇 Listen on iTunes! 👇    

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Rolling Rack Boutique, ‘Its Like A Food Truck But For Clothes’! | Susie Diamond

The SKYLER IRVINE Show | Episode 96 On Episode 96 of The SKYLER IRVINE Show, I sat down with Susie Diamond, the owner/founder of Rolling Rack Boutique, a high end women’s boutique on wheels. From idea to execution, overcoming countless obstacles, and getting involved with Vanderpump Rules, are just a few of the many items we discuss. Follow Susie on Instagram: @ShopRollingRack Visit her website: 👇 📺 Watch Now 📺 👇 👇 🎧 Listen Now  🎧 👇 👇 Listen on iTunes! 👇 More about Susie: Susie Diamond was born in Ventura, CA but moved to the Phoenix area when she was only 6 months old. Her first job was at Jungle Jim’s Playland on Alma School and Guadalupe in Mesa. She started out hosting kids birthday parties but quickly got promoted to the Events Coordinator at 16 where she had her own office and a 10 cent pay increase. She says that she quickly got demoted when her people skills that everyone loved turned her into her being on the phone talking to her friends in her own office which caused a constant busy signal for people trying to call in and book events. Her dad had a huge impact on who she is today because he was a free spirit; a live and let live soul. He gave him last $5 to a homeless man on the corner. He showed Susie how to empathize with other people. She says that they had some very rich times and some very poor times, but no matter what spectrum they were on, he always helped others and gave back. She loves to eat at Montis La Casa Vieja in Tempe because it was her dad’s favorite and they went there a lot growing up. It also became her favorite as an adult. She also enjoys hiking the Peralta Trail at the Superstition Mountains because that is where she hiked to spread her dad’s ashes. Her biggest obstacle was convincing designers that she was truly an experience – Beverly Hills on Wheels. She says that when you go and introduce yourself to a new boutique then mention you are selling out of a truck, they cannot even comprehend the level of what the truck looks like. Now media and pictures help but, in the beginning, trying to get fully stoked before sending pictures of the truck, since it was not complete, was hard. Nobody wanted to give her a chance, and they could not picture her vision.  Her most memorable mistake was giving away a lot of free merchandise. She had a local, popular news anchor take clothes from her after making her feel awkward about it if she said no. She promised her a shoutout on Instagram, but months later she will not respond to her, never followed her, and did not do a shoutout. The stuff she took started to hurt Susie as a small business owner because they were popular items that she could have sold. Not a lot of people will hold up their end of the bargain.  Her husband inspires her because he built her dream and shows up for her every single day with a smile. He builds cars, so he already has back-breaking work, but he just keeps going. He attends all her events, spends weekends with her, and his energy rarely fades. He also lets her bring home almost every stray dog or cat she finds along the way with very minimal complaining.  When we asked Susie what advice she would give to others going into this field, she said that inventory of any boutique is the most important thing. Decide your vibe and research designers. Inventory is ordered 9-12 months out, so you need to know your space and be prepared to be blown away when something you think will resonate or be very popular ends up being a bust, and something you think will not be popular sells out right away. Be prepared to buy things you do not like – it is not about your taste. To shop for clothes at Susie’s boutique or to see a daily updated schedule, check out

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Anthony Laflam Wren Wood Works

Building with Your Hands w/ Anthony LaFlam

#theSKYLERIRVINEshow | Episode 95 Anthony LaFlam is the owner of Wren Wood Works in Phoenix, Arizona specializing in hand made custom wood furniture. Anthony is the man behind many of the custom pieces for The Churchill’s grand opening, as well as a highly engaged audience on Instagram. 👇 📺 Watch Now 📺 👇     👇 🎧 Listen Now  🎧 👇       👇Listen on iTunes!👇   On this episode of The SKYLER IRVINE Show, Skyler is joined by his guest, Anthony LaFlam. Anthony is the owner of Wren Wood Works in Phoenix, Arizona, specializing in custom, handmade wood furniture. Anthony’s favorite Arizona venue is anywhere that has chips and guac and says that it is a requirement that he does not need an explanation for… It is guac. He says that the biggest obstacle that he faces regularly is self-doubt or ego. Creating something from scratch, and literally putting blood, sweat, and tears into it can be exhausting and rewarding at the same time. They hope people love the piece and want approval but there is always someone creating something better, faster, or cheaper. There is no famine. There is always room for another craftsman or product. Working through these thoughts is always a challenge, according to Anthony. His advice to people trying to get into the field he is in is to just do it. You just have to start. You will never accomplish anything if you never start trying. He even admits that he struggles with that himself. Check out The Churchill in Downtown Phoenix to see some of the custom furniture he created for the grand opening!

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Building the Why Arizona Brand and Following Your Gut in Business

Ask SKYLER Live Episode 35! 👇 Listen on iTunes! 👇 2:00 – Julie Sweeney on FB: What do you love most about what you do at Why Arizona? 6:32 – Did you ever map your career path? With people staying at jobs for shorter periods of time, is that still possible? 17:25 – Roughly, what percentage of your business decisions are made from gut feelings vs. being backed by solid data? AskSkylerLive is recorded on Facebook Live and redistributed on my YouTube and Podcast Channels. Tune in live to ask your questions or submit them throughout the week. Prizes given out to best questions weekly. You can also connect with me and DM your questions on Instagram @skylerirvine 👇 📺 Watch Now: 👇   👇  🎧 Listen Now: 👇  

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Ask Skyler Live 34

Your First 1k Customers, Anxiety in Entrepreneurship, and Executing On Ideas

New #AskSkylerLive Segment: What I’m Pondering Today I launched a new segment where I bring up something that has me thinking. I don’t have enough to create content around it yet because I haven’t determined a conclusion, but I offer it up for discussion because I would love to hear your thoughts on the topic! What I am pondering today: Are we reaching a tipping point with content consumption around established brands, intellectual property with cinematic universes like Marvel and sequels like Mission Impossible, or is this only the beginning? Questions Asked and Answered: 7:20 – – Felix Langlet on Quora: Can a product with thousands of customers go bankrupt due to “no market need?” 9:30 – Do you distinguish between “idea people” and “doers?” Is there value in someone with great ideas who needs others to execute? 12:00 – Marc Silverstein on Facebook: How do you handle Anxiety? 👇 📺 Watch Now: 👇

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Ask Skyler Live 33

Scheduling Content, Marketing a New Podcast and Lessons in Leadership

AskSkylerLive is the Facebook Live show where I answer 3 (sometimes more) questions submitted by my audience throughout the week, or live on the show. How To Win Prizes: If you submit a question live during the show on Facebook Live you are entered to win. That’s it! Submit your Questions: Email questions to, DM them to ME or Hoff on Instagram, or tune in live during the show by turning on your Facebook Notifications. Questions from #AskSkylerLive Episode 33: 2:05 – Aritro Majumdar on Facebook: Hey Skyler! I am trying to post content for a business I am a part of and I want to know how to make a well-thought post schedule? Do I just choose a time of the day to post and stick with it? If not, what metrics do I look into? Thanks! You are killing it right now! 6:50 – Dallas Cowan on Instagram: What are some tips to market your podcast to your target audience? 12:38 – What’s the most important leadership lesson you’ve learned and how has it proven invaluable?   👇 📺 Watch Now: 👇   👇  🎧 Listen Now: 👇 👇 Listen on iTunes! 👇 AskSkylerLive is recorded on Facebook Live and redistributed on my YouTube and Podcast Channels. Tune in live to ask your questions or submit them throughout the week. Prizes given out to best questions weekly. You can also connect with me and DM your questions on Instagram @skylerirvine

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Kell Duncan The Churchill Phoenix

From Idea to Execution w/ Kell Duncan of The Churchill PHX

Kell Duncan is the Partner and Co-Founder of The Churchill PHX, a new mixed-use retail and restaurant space constructed of refurbished shipping containers in downtown Phoenix. On this episode, we discuss how Kell and his business partner went from idea to execution on this innovated concept and what made downtown Phoenix the perfect location for this new venture. The Skyler Irvine Show is available to subscribe to and listen wherever you get your podcasts. You can also watch or listen here using links below: 📺 Watch Now:   🎧Listen Now: 👇 Subscribe or Listen on iTunes 👇 More about Kell Duncan: Skyler is joined by Kell Duncan, Partner, and Co-founder of The Churchill in Downtown Phoenix on this episode of The SKYLER IRVINE Show.  Kell was born and raised in the Phoenix area. His favorite restaurants in the area are Restaurant Progress, Breadfruit & Rum Bar, and CIBO. He loves to go to the Suns games and hanging out downtown. He also enjoys the Crescent Ballroom and The Van Buren for live music. His first job was at his family farm, Duncan Family Farms. He stated that growing up on a farm is an experience in itself. His dad, Arnott Duncan, has inspired him throughout the years and has had a major impact on who he is today.  Kell states that the biggest obstacle that he has had to overcome is people doubting him and having to be able to believe in himself. He also says it is hard to push past what is easy, and more enjoyable short term, to get long term gain. His favorite quote is “nothing worth having or doing is easy” The advice he gives to those looking to take a similar career path is to not take no for an answer and never quit. Just keep pushing through and working towards your goal. You are closer than you think. The Churchill opened in September of 2018 – go check it out! Find Kell on Instagram: Personal: @kellitubi Business: @thechurchillphx

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The Unexpected and Massive Benefits of Podcasting

#AskSkylerLive 32 | W/ Guest Jose Acevedo Today I am joined by host of the Finding Arizona Podcast, Jose Acevedo answering your questions live! Jose has hosted over 140 podcasts over the last 3 years and was also a previous guest on The Skyler Irvine Show. 8:53 – @melissa_anaya_az on Insta: Were you in broadcasting prior to starting your podcast? How do you keep your convo going without running out of material? 16:42 – Instagram: Did you find any benifit in terms of audience growth and listens by doing more than one podcast a week? 23:17 – Joshua Rowe on Facebook: Skyler, do you find yourself nervous that moment before achieving a goal, knowing that your next goal is just beginning and the process wheel starts over again? 29:30 – Britt Johnson Facebook: How has your life / podcast turned out different than expected? 👇 Watch Episode 👇 👇 Listen to Episode 👇       AskSkylerLive is recorded on Facebook Live and redistributed on my YouTube and Podcast Channels. Tune in live to ask your questions or submit them throughout the week. Prizes given out to best questions weekly. You can also connect with me and DM your questions on Instagram @skylerirvine

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When Re-Branding Backfires

When to Re-Brand, Owning Your Name and Overcoming Youth In Business #AskSkylerLive Episode 31 👇 Watch Now: 👇 AskSkylerLive is recorded on Facebook Live and redistributed on my YouTube and Podcast Channels. Tune in live to ask your questions or submit them throughout the week. Prizes given out to best questions weekly. You can also connect with me and DM your questions on Instagram @skylerirvine

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How to stop checking social media

How to Stop Checking Social Media

#AskSkylerLive Episode: 30  👇 Watch Now: 👇     Brand Awareness, Going With the Flow, and How to Stop Checking Social Media | #AskSkylerLive 30 AskSkylerLive is recorded on Facebook Live and redistributed on my YouTube and Podcast Channels. Tune in live to ask your questions or submit them throughout the week. Prizes given out to best questions weekly. You can also connect with me and DM your questions on Instagram @skylerirvine  

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Ace Fanning Photo

Perfecting your Photography and Building the Business YOU Want w/ Guest Ace Fanning

Ace Fanning is the owner/founder of Ace Fanning Photography in Phoenix, Arizona. From Ace himself: BIRTH GIVEN NAME. IT’S NOT A NICKNAME AND IT’S NOT SHORT FOR ANYTHING. IT’S JUST ME. I AM DEFINITELY NOT THE COOLEST GUY YOU WILL EVER MEET… BUT THAT DOESN’T PHASE ME THE TINIEST BIT. I LOVE BEING AT HOME. I’VE NEVER SUCCESSFULLY PARTICIPATED IN A CONVERSATION ABOUT SPORTS, NOR COULD I TELL YOU WHAT CHANNEL ESPN IS EVEN ON. BUT I CAN TELL YOU EXACTLY WHAT DRAMA WENT DOWN ON ANY REAL HOUSEWIVES REUNION SPECIAL. I DON’T LIKE EXERCISE AND I REALLY DON’T LIKE EATING HEALTHY. MY PERSONAL STYLE CAN BE DESCRIBED AS AMUSEMENT PARK COMFORTABLE. AND BEST OF ALL, I AM MARRIED TO MY HIGH SCHOOL SWEETHEART AND BEST FRIEND OF OVER 11 YEARS. 👇 📺 Watch Episode 93 Now  📺👇 👇🎧 Listen Now 🎧👇 👉 Listen, Subscribe or Save for later on iTunes 👈  On this episode Skyler talks with Ace Fanning, owner of Ace Fanning Photography. Topics include building a business for the right reasons, learning along the way, photography tips at any level and so much more. Learn more about Ace: On this episode, Skyler is joined by Ace Fanning. Ace is the owner of Ace Fanning Photography.  Ace had one job before starting his own business, and it was a front desk job at a chiropractor’s office during college. He says that it was the best and worst experience to ever happen to him, and he quickly learned that he did not want to work for someone else. He did not want his days to feel predictable.  Letting others dictate his business was the biggest mistake that he has made within his career. He says that he used to let others tell him how to dictate his business and when he stopped letting that happen, his business nearly doubled that year.  His advice to someone wanting to go into the photography business is “If you are looking to do photography to make extra income – good luck. Photography is my passion first, business second – and if I ever have it any other way, I would not be able to do what I do. This industry takes a lot out of you, and if you are just doing it to grow your bank account, it is not the right balance of give and take. For me, this industry takes a lot from me, and while it grows my bank account, it feeds my soul. I have never been so passionate about anything in my entire life and this business, with the exception of my wife, has done more for me than anyone I have ever met.” Website: Instagram: @AceFanningPhotography

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